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hollow / (of vegetables) to become hollow or spongy inside / (of a basketball) to swish through ...

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"national basketball association nba" in Chinese: 联赛 "nba" in Chinese: 06-07赛季nba常规赛; ; 词汇大汇总; 恩巴; 管理硕士; 国家篮 ... "finals, nba nba" in Chinese: 总决赛 "cctv-nba" in Chinese: 新赛季转播计划11月12月的 "m-nba" in Chinese: 硝基苯甲酸

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https://quizlet.com/4097246/chinese-english-basketball-sport-terms-flash-cards/ After a quick lookover it seems legit. Also, 压哨球 = buzzer beater, 篮球场 = basketball court. 你的球场视力惊人的 - your court vision is amazing. the one about the buzzer beater I wouldn't know how to say

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Here's how you say it. Chinese Translation. 篮球. Lánqiú. More Chinese words for basketball. 篮球 noun. Lánqiú basketballer. Find more words!

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1 u (sport) 篮 球 [lánqiú] 2 c (ball) 篮 球 [lánqiú] Translation English - Chinese Collins Dictionary. See also: National Basketball Association, baseball, basket, base. Add your entry in the Collaborative Dictionary. Suggest or Ask for translation/definition.

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literally “ ground/land ball/sphere “. Fan (as in fan of a team) – 球迷 qiú mí. literally “ ball/sphere enthusiast “. Match (as in sports match) – 球赛 qiú sài. literally “ ball/sphere match “. Let’s take a look at some of the sports in Chinese that include 球 qiú.

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Other Chinese basketball leagues include the National Basketball League (NBL), the Chinese University Basketball Association (CUBA), and the Chinese High School Basketball League (CHBL). At one time there was a league called the Chinese New Basketball Alliance (CNBA), [3] one of whose most prominent teams was the Beijing Sea Lions, but this ...

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Yao Ming is a Chinese player who went to the U.S.A. and joined the NBA's Houston Rockets. Standing 7'6" tall (2.29 m), he is one of the tallest players in the history of the NBA. After joining the NBA draft in 2002, he was picked by the Houston Rockets and became the first player without any American basketball experience to be selected first ...