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Long on is the final boundary based fielding position on the leg side of the batsman! If you imagine a line down the middle of the cricket pitch, then the long on position would be about 5-10 metres to the leg side of that line! You can see this in my diagram below!

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The best batting stance is generally considered to be one in which the batsman has aligned themselves in a side-on position, with their front shoulder pointing towards the bowler. The feet should be about shoulder width apart, and the knees should be slightly bent.

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The top order is defined as the batters batting at positions 1, 2, and 3. The batters who bat at positions 3, 4 and 5 in the order are sometimes the most technically proficient batters with the best stroke play. As they are likely to face an older ball that is easier to score runs against, they must aim to make a large number of runs.

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List of Cricket Player Positions. Listed below are the eleven (11) player positions in the sport of cricket, accompanied by the number they are most commonly associated with. #1: wicketkeeper #2: slip #3: gully #4: point #5: cover #6: third man #7: fine leg #8: mid-wicket #9: mid-off #10: square leg #11: captain

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This position is just behind the square on the leg-side of the field. The fielders in these positions are identical to the square-leg position except that it is a few meters behind the batsman. As the fielders of the square leg do their job, similar is the job for the fielders placed at backward square leg.

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The off side half for a batsman is where he is facing while batting. The other half behind him is the On or the Leg side. The field positions in Cricket have remained quite the same over the history of the game with the useful addition of some unorthodox positions such as Leg Gully, Silly point, or Silly mid-on to name a few.

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Fielding Positions in Cricket for Right Handed BatsmanIn this video, all the cricket fielding placements are explained so that you get acquainted with the ga...

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Almost all the positions in cricket can be divided into on and off positions. The ‘On’ position is towards the right side of the batsman when viewed towards the bowler’s end. Similarly, the ‘Off’ side refers to the positions on the left side of the batsman. Slips: The fielders standing behind the batsman at an angle are called the slips.