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he played soccer in spanish

" for you

played soccer was in 2010 -> I haven ...

Hoàn chỉnh câu thứ hai sao cho không thay đổi nghĩa so với câu thứ nhất. The last time I played soccer was in 2010.

Played Soccer and Almost Went Big with It | Cleats

Some act, some played other sports, one was even a chef, but all of them are celebrities who played soccer.

He last ...

He last played soccer in 2015 -----> He hasn't.

He is tired now ................... he played soccer in the afternoon.

He is tired now . he played soccer in the afternoon..A.and.B.but.C.so.D.because.

played badminton. -> I haven ...

He was chosen for the football team two months ago

he usually played soccer when he was small->he used ...

7.my brother likes playing soccer than better than watching tv->my brother prefer

he hadn’t been a knee injury he would have played ...

Provided that he hadn’t been a knee injury, he would have played soccer.