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When Kids Are Scared Of The Soccer Ball - Ginger Sport

It’s not all that unusual to see kids who are afraid of the soccer ball. They recoil from it when it comes in their direction, some even flinch any time the ball is kicked anywhere on the field. Kids who are frightened of the ball watch it intently as it makes its way around the field, carefully avoiding it rather than running towards it during a game.

Teach Timid, Scared Soccer Players to be Brave, Aggressive ...

You cannot put scared kids at Fullback or you will get killed. Your 2 aggressive but uncoordinated players might be good at Fullback. Teach them to Clear the ball by kicking it hard straight ahead. You can use the "Chips/Lofted Passes" game to teach this. Also try the "Longest Kick Game" and "Kick a Crossed Ball Game". Hopefully, you can teach some of the other kids to be brave so they could play Fullback.

3 Soccer Training Tips to Help Kids Overcome Their Fear of ...

3 Tips to Help Your Kids Handle the Soccer Ball With More Confidence 1. Acknowledge the Fear The first step to inspiring a kid to get over the fear of the ball is to acknowledge it. Discuss... 2. Don’t Force the Kid Forcing a young player to confront something that they are scared of might cause ...

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Encourage her not to quit playing soccer and let her know its okay to feel a little scared. Paying too much attention to her fear of the ball might make her more timid. You really can't force her to be more assertive, its something she needs to come to grips with on her own and it will happen it just takes some time.

Childhood Sports Phobia, Fear of Playing Sports | HealthyPlace

Here's a child phobia. Some kids fear playing sports. Discover why and how parents can help a child with a sports phobia. Sports offer children an important outlet for physical, social and emotional development. While many young athletes flock to the courts or ball fields, some consider sports competition as dangerous and dreadful.

Overcoming Common Sports Fears in Kids | ACTIVEkids

Work on gradual strategies to overcome this fear. Practice with safe methods, and encourage your child to focus on what is happening in the game in the present, rather than what might or might not happen in the future. Set small progress goals as this fear isn't likely to disappear overnight.

A 4-year-old refuses to participate in his soccer games ...

The stalling, the refusals, the fear, the anxiety and the intimidation: It’s all normal. We parents say that our children are “playing” soccer, so let’s unpack how a 4-year-old plays.

How to overcome fear of being hit by the ball. | Discuss ...

SPX Chest Protector - Senior. When DD was 10, she had just overcome her fear of the ball when she joined a U14 summer league team. She did fine until more than halfway thru the season when a coach asked one of the fathers to hit balls to the infielders warming up for a game.