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Volleyball:How much distance from the serving line to the net?

In high school, it is 30 feet from the serving line to the net. And the 10 foot line is 10 feet from the net, not 10 feet from the other 10 foot line. In club, the measurement is 9 meters, which is roughly 29 feet 6 inches. The 10 foot line is 3 meters for club. It is almost 10 feet.

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The usual ladies’s volleyball web peak is 7feet, 4.125 inches (2.24 meters). The measurement of webpeak for volleyball ladies’s sport is completely different thanthe web peak of males volleyball video games. For ages 45+,the web peak might be allowed at 7 ft, 2.125 inches 2.19meters).

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The distance from the volleyball net to the serving line for volleyball is approximately 29 feet and 6 inches.

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USA Volleyball and the NCAA recommended having a free space of 6m (20’) and state that adjacent courts may share free space. If adjacent courts are situated end line to end line, 9m(29’-6”) of free space is recommended.

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A service line is marked 10 feet inside the right sideline on each back line. This is the area from which the server may serve the volleyball. The Net. The net is hung directly above the center line at 7 feet 4 inches for women and 8 feet for men. Standards. Volleyball standards should be set at 36 feet apart, 3 feet on either side of the sidelines.

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Lb is the arbitrary distance from the net to where the ball lands on the other side of the court, along the direction the volleyball is served. d is the distance beyond the net where the ball lands. α is the angle the volleyball trajectory makes with the side line.

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Of all the volleyball lines on the playing surface, the service line is the farthest boundary line from the net. Volleyball lines: Server behind the Service Line It's parallel to the ten foot and center line and marks the closest spot where a player can stand in order to serve the ball over the net at the beginning of each rally.

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The serving line never officially changes for any age of volleyball. It is 29 feet and 5 inches (9 meters) from the net.