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Kidneys are very successfully transplanted between two people with no matching antigens. A person can make antibodies against another person’s HLA antigens. Antibodies can result from blood transfusions, pregnancy, infections or even a viral illness. Having one of these events does not mean a person will make antibodies but they could.

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When you need a kidney transplant, finding the best match can mean a more successful transplant. The better the match between the donor and recipient, the longer the transplanted kidney can last. How Does the NKR Find the Best Donor-Recipient Match for Kidney Transplants? Traditionally, kidney transplant matches were measured by an HLA match score from zero to six, with six being the best. HLA scores are generally based on A, B and DR antigens.

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Increasing the length of time a kidney will work in a recipient. Shortening the waiting time for candidates who have had difficulty finding a kidney match due to uncommon blood types or have an immune system that makes it hard to match most kidneys.

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Recipients with blood type B... can receive a kidney from blood types B and O. Recipients with blood type AB... can receive a kidney from blood types A, B, AB and O (AB is the universal recipient: recipients with AB blood are compatible with any other blood type) However, there are some programs are available to help donor/recipient pairs with blood types that are otherwise incompatible: paired exchange and plasmapheresis.

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There are four basic groups of blood types that people have: type O, type A, type B, and type AB. If your blood type is very similar to that of the new kidney, there is a lower chance that your immune system will try to fight the new kidney. O, you can only get a kidney from someone with type O blood.

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matching typically is not a factor that determines whether someone is compatible. There is however, a benefit to having a “perfect match,” 6 out of 6 antigens. A “perfect match” results in a significantly. longer survial of the donated kidney. Donor/recipient compatibility is dependant on the following:

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Over 3,000 new patients are added to the kidney waiting list each month. 13 people die each day while waiting for a life-saving kidney transplant. Every 14 minutes someone is added to the kidney transplant list.

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Kidney transplant is a treatment—not a cure. Although most transplants are successful and last for many years, how long they last can vary. Some people will need more than one kidney transplant during their lifetime. There are 2 types of kidney donors. An ideal match is from a living donor. You can